The perfect time to post on Instagram is a common question by many people because they always want a perfect time to post freely and generate huge engagement. The perfect time to post on Instagram can vary depending on your target audience, location, content and many more thing.

The race to get more followers made some people Instagram followers from websites such as goreadThere are a few general guidelines that can help you to optimise your posting schedule.

How To Know About Your Target Audience?

With the help of analytical tools, you will be able to know about your target audience. It will also help you to know their timing to be active on this social media platform. Taking the help of an analytical tool is one of the most common strategies every content creator uses to know about their target audience. Make sure to complete proper research about your overall performance.

You can also experiment with time to know the perfect time in your favour. Keep posting your content at different timing until you get the right time to post.

Tips To Identify Your Target Audience

1.     Know Your Audience

You will be able to know your audience with the help of the analytical tool. The other best thing you can do is interact with them to know their preferred timing. After learning about their perfect time, you can find a perfect posting time. You can interact with your audience with the help of direct messages and other services like comments and why you are going live. These small things can help you to know your audience better than ever.

2.     Consider Your Location

Your location also plays a major role while you are posting something. If you are making content in languages such as English, you might have an audience worldwide. However, there are still better chances of a person engaging more from the original country. To study the time zone of your country, you can take the help of Google and other time zone services to select a better time to post your content with better engagement.

3.     Focus On Consistency

Consistency plays a key factor whenever you are posting something. If you post content once in 3 to 4 days, you will never succeed, and you will never know what your audience demand is and what would be the perfect time for you to post. To stay consistent, you need to post things regularly at different times to know about better engagement.

For instance, if you post something in the middle of the night and get better engagement than ever, it would be the perfect time to post your other content. Experimenting with time is the only option that can help you to study your audience.


The Instagram server has no particular time to post particular things. People can find their preferred posting time by using analytical tools and performing other experiments. You need to be patient if you want to achieve something bigger in your life with the help of social media networking platforms.


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